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By applying exercise pressure to the reflex points in the correct combinations and in the appropriate orders, your body  can be helped to reduce pain, increase healing and balance, and to regain homeostasis.  Our team is led by a Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist with

over 20 years of experience.


Feeling like your emotions are a bit out of line?Our practitioners are trained to incorporate energy balance into your session in order to help achieve balance between your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/moral bodies.

Magnetic Therapy

Our therapeutic program of yoga and stretch exercises allows us to custom-design a specialized program for your personal needs.  

Discover the therapeutic effect of magnetic therapy!  Magnetic Therapy uses magnets of specific gauss to restore energetic circulation. 


BreathWork teaches time-proven breathing methods for specific therapeutic usage.  Whether you need anxiety and trauma reduction or improvement in pulmonary function, breathing exercises can help.


TheraRest is a deeply restorative therapeutic guided imagery session that goes beyond Mindfulness and induces a Theta-wave state to allow healing and reduce pain and stress.  When appropriate, we also include Neurogenic Tremoring. These sessions are offered one-one-one or in a group setting, and are appropriate for institutional use.





BA Psychology/Sociology

MAEd Candidate, UNC

ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist (NBCR #B01659)

Member NCRA

2021 Board Member NCRA

Yoga Alliance Certified RYT

Certified Health and Wellness Mgmt.

Founder, Integrative Health Institute

Principal, NC Holistic Health and Wellness      Associates of Fayetteville

Congratulations to all who finished the last series of classes on June 28!!
Reflexology and A/P Classes/Workshops will resume in September, 2021 along with ARCB-compliant certification courses!! For more info, visit www.IntegrativeHealth.Institute which will launch their new site in early July!!

Integrative Method Reflex Therapy is the result of over twenty years of experience in Medical and Classic Ingham-method Reflexology combined with other modalities and custom-designed for your specific needs--to help you achieve balance and facilitate healing on all levels.  It is the perfect marriage of the science of medicine and the art of healing.

At Serene Health, we believe in treating each person as a whole being.  Yes, we turn down pain. Yes, we relieve stress.  Yes, we can help manage the symptoms of PTSD and trauma-induced injury. That has been clinically proven in medical studies.  But to us, treating you means so much more.  It means compassionate care seasoned by the professionalism to balance your mental, emotional, physical and moral/spiritual health.

Some of the people we help seek our services as a stand-alone method and some use our services to supplement standard medical care. We welcome referrals from a wide variety of doctors and specialists with whom we work to help you achieve your optimum level of health possible.

To access a copy of published studies please click links below:


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 



305 Owen Drive, Fayetteville NC  28304

Tel./Text: 646.588.8176 

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